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What are The Grow Hive's Vision, Mission and Values?


A nurturing society where children, families, professionals and communities share equally in the roles of early childhood intervention and inclusion, working collaboratively toward common goals.


To provide best practice,
family-centered and holistic approaches to early childhood intervention.





More about our Values

DISCOVER:  We believe that ALL children can learn through discovery, supported by play-based, strength-based and interest-based activities and opportunities within every-day routines.

GROW: We believe that ALL children will grow in their own unique, beautiful way and at their own pace.  Children will flourish when surrounded by a nurturing, supportive and empowered circle of cheerleaders and advocates. We balance the goals of helping your child to develop the foundational skills for life, while creating inclusive environments to better suit the diverse needs of developing children.

BELONG: We believe that ALL children have innate and inherent value and deserve equal opportunities in life.  We aim to establish a community based on belonging and connection, where families and children alike feel that they are valued, heard, understood and loved.  We celebrate diversity and aim to promote an environment where kids, parents and caregivers feel accepted, just as they are. We believe that family is your child’s greatest asset, so we hope to support families to do the best they can.
Father and Children
Child in Air Yoga
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