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Did you know that in the area of family-centred early intervention, research shows that TelePractice is at least equivalent, and in some cases achieving better outcomes than in-person services?

TelePractice is a great way for Early Childhood Practitioners to collaborate with parents and caregivers, at a time that suits them best. Telepractice in ECI can be extremely useful for:
  • evaluation and planning;
  • check-ins and reviews;
  • parent coaching model.

    In the parent coaching model, your ECI practitioner can observe your family's interactions and daily activities while offering feedback and  strategies to try. We will support you to identify learning opportunities and to use your own readily available resources.  It is not a model of providing therapy to your child online, but rather a model of mentoring parents to build their capacity to support their child throughout the day. 

    This is beneficial as it builds on the parent-child relationship and provides the family with additional flexibility and opportunity for support. 
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