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B Education – Special Education;
Multiple Disabilities.
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. Member of Early Childhood Intervention Australia - ECI Practitioner (Australia’s peak body for Early Childhood Intervention).

Registered with QCT (Queensland College of Teachers).

Founder & Director


Meet Cait!

Cait Jeffrey is an Early Intervention Teacher with over 14 years of experience teaching and supporting young children with disability and additional needs.  She has a passion for early childhood development and has taught in a variety of environments including Early Childhood Developmental Programs (ECDPs), mainstream primary and special schools.
Cait has experience working alongside occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists and other specialists to collaborate, plan and deliver strategies and supports to enhance the global development of children. 

Cait is a mother of four who also has lived experience navigating the diagnostic and therapy journey. When one of her children was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18 months of age, Cait experienced the early intervention route firsthand. After seeing the positive impact, she became even more enthusiastic about ECI. Cait understands the complexities and the rewards of both teaching and parenting children with additional needs. She is passionate about advocacy and supporting parents to support their children.

In addition to her specialist background, Cait has experience teaching music and loves to use music as a tool to help connect and engage with children in all areas of life.  She has also received training in Picture Exchange Communication, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, positive behaviour support and has a special interest in Auslan and key word sign.

Cait thrives on the opportunity to ‘think outside the square’ and find ways to connect and enter into your child’s world through play, music, creativity, imagination and their special interests. She is passionate about helping families learn to provide rich learning experiences for their child in their everyday environments and routines.