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Our Approach



At The Grow Hive, we use the evidence-based approaches of Naturalistic Teaching Strategies (NTS), Embedded Instruction and Family Centred & Strengths Based Practice within Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI).  These approaches are based on the understanding that children learn new skills through positive interactions with familiar people (family and caregivers) in natural settings (ie. the home/early childcare/community places) through play and everyday routines (ie. meals/personal care/recreation/family errands/family social and cultural routines).  We focus on teaching skills based on individual development, individual interests, family valued outcomes and building upon current strengths and skills to reach the next step.  

We are here to partner with you during these new, integral and often overwhelming early years to capitalize on the largest and most crucial ‘window of opportunity’ to make a long term and positive impact to the future of your child and your family life.

Every child is at a different place developmentally. We believe that no stage of development is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. Our aim is to support the child where they are at, while encouraging them to grow, thrive and participate fully in all aspects of their lives. Our approach follows the social-strength model of disability, rather than the medical-deficit model. 


We know that the family plays the most valuable role in the child’s life, so we aim to equip you to feel confident to teach and support your little one.  We don’t aim to add to your load, we aim to take advantage of the activities already occurring in your child’s and family’s life.

At The Grow Hive, we have developed a personal pedagogy to achieve these outcomes through a process of 'UNDERSTANDING, CONNECTING, EXTENDING and EQUIPPING' ©. Each of these elements are as important as the other and are all necessary as they build upon each other.

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